Spal Is The Top Name In Cooling Fans

September 30th, 2008

Spal is the name that everyone who knows anything about the best in cooling fan or cooling fan will want. These are one of the top names in electric automotive cooling fans and it stands to reason that one of the best places to see these is at the Fanman where reputation and excellence in quality and service is everything. You know by the selection that’s available that Spal Electric Fans have been plying their wares and working all the bugs out for a long time now, and when you see what they’ve got to offer you’ll be impressed at the quality.

As far as the best in electric automotive cooling fans go, take a look at the Size 09″ push / Part# 0381. This is just one of a long line of the best Spal products that are available and this one has the added advantage of straight blades that increse efficiency. Remember that when you want the best, it’s generally a good idea if you go to the places that show off the top names. That means that the Fanman will have all the best Spal electric fans.

The Side Winder Is Easy To Install

September 28th, 2008

There’s always something new at the Fanman and that’s never a surprise to the people who have dealt with the company for the last thirty years that it’s been around for. For that time, there has always been a commitment to excellence that’s been their trademark that they’ve become known by. To that end it was really no surprise when the company came out with the latest version of the Side Winder Electric Fan Kit. This is one of the best electric automotive cooling fans that you’ll be able to find anywhere.

Remember that there are many different automotive fan motors that you can choose from, so it’s a good idea if you choose one that is touted as the easiest to install and that’s the Side Winder. When you first see this fine example of an electric automotive cooling fan, you’ll want to look through the rest of the things that the Fanman has to offer and the fan accessories that they’ve got is the next logical progression. The name of the company says it all and tells you where their dedication lies.

Nose Cone Kits That You Need

September 27th, 2008

You might not even think about it, but there are many little parts that can cause you trouble with your electric automotive cooling fans and these are often the smallest of things that we might overlook. But that’s the whole point behind the Fanman, they don’t overlook anything and they’ll be right to the point when you need something that seems insignificant to you like a  nose cone kit. They’ve got what you need when it comes to a radiator electric fan and everything in between so you don’t need to think twice about your electric automotive cooling fans when you’re working with this company.

They’ve got the right parts for your cooling fans and electric fans as well. They even go so far as to highlight their 1″ Chrome 32510 nose cone kit that’s a chrome unit that speaks of quality. It’s comforting to know that you’ve got a team on your side that can come up with these little fixes so that you don’t have to and it’s the people at the Fanman that are the very best in helping you out.

The Best Cooling Fans Are Right Here

September 25th, 2008

It’s doesn’t take long once you land on the site called the Fanman before you start to realize that here’s the place that that’s got a great reputation for a reason. Take a look at what they’ve got to offer and then you’ll be able to see that here is the best place for electric automotive cooling fans and/or the kinds of automotive fan motors that will last for years. You can get an amazing selection of cooling fans and electric fans here, and when you read that the company has been in business for the last thirty years, you become relaxed because you know that you’re in good hands.

Take a look at all the various Spal Electric Fans they’ve got in stock and you’ll wonder why you even thought of any place else. Take one look at the Size 09″ push / Part# 0381 and you’ll see right off the big difference that quality makes. This one has a straight blade for your convenience and it’s easy to install so that there won’t be any hassles.

These Thermostats Are Tops

September 23rd, 2008

It’s often in the details that you see something that is exceptional rather than just ordinary. Usually when it comes to electric automotive cooling fans or even automotive fan motors there’s usually some kind of attention to detail that makes the thing special. You see that kind of thing a lot in the products that are associated with a place like the FanMan. Not only do they carry a complete line of all the very best Spal Electric Fans but they’ve also got a complete line of all the parts and accessories that you’ll need like the best in Thermostats and Harnesses.

Here is the place that’s got you covered no matter what you need to keep your electric fans running and doing the job that you expect of them. Remember that when you’re dealing with the Fanman you’ve got over thirty years behind you and with that kind of experience, there’s not much chance that you’ll get a bad deal or a part that you can’t use. These are the people who are committed to both quality and customer service.