The Right Fan For Your Needs

August 31st, 2008

Here’s something that you might not want to think about, but it’s something that you should. Imagine that it’s a hot night and you’re out on a deserted road when your cooling fan or cooling fan that’s keeping your engine cool gives out. You’d be left wondering if you could have done something to keep it running and if the people you were dealing with were the right ones for your needs when it came to electric automotive cooling fans. This is just a scenario but if you’re interested in avoiding something like this happening to you in real life you should consider making the professionals at the FanMan the place you go for all of your radiator electric fan needs.

These are the people that carry all of the best in the top names like Spal, and they’re committed to supplying you with the kind of quality that you need to make the right purchase that will go a long way. Take a look at the great selection of great Spal Electric Fans that they’ve got on hand and you’ll see the reason that the FanMan has been in business for so long now.

The Side Winder’s New Look

August 30th, 2008

When you’ve got a successful product, one of the things that you want to do with it is to keep making the kind of improvements that keep it fresh in the customer’s mind. That’s exactly what’s happened with The Side Winder Electric Fan Kit. Now that it’s got 2200 CFM and is only 1 5/8″ thick in the center, this is the best version of one of the best electric automotive cooling fans on the market today. For the first time shopper, this kind of attention to detail might be a suprise, but tracking down the best deals in a cooling fan or cooling fan is all in a day’s work for the people at the FanMan.

These are the people have survived in the highly competitive business of automotive fan motors and not only have they been able to keep their collective heads above water, but they are now considered to be the best source for electric automotive cooling fans on the market today. That’s no small feat when you consider that almost everyone drives a car and all of those cars have a radiator electric fan that will need parts or replacement at some point.

The Best In Mileage and Style

August 28th, 2008

Especially with today’s gas crunch, there’s a need to look for the car with the best mileage without giving up the kind of comfort that you’ve come to expect from some of the bigger names. Just as you go to the best when you’ve got a question with your cooling fan or cooling fan and contact the experts at The FanMan, there are others who know a thing or two about what it takes to compile a list of fuel friendly cars.

One of the cars that tops the list might be a surprise to those of you who know the kind of dominance that the Japanese manufacturers have shown of late. The Ford Focus is right near the top of the list but domestic ingenuity should be no surprise when you go online and take a look at the Side Winder Electric Fan Kit that’s build to fit in the spaces that the others won’t. It seems that both Ford and The FanMan have taken the steps that are necessary to stay on top and compete with the foreign competition.

There are components that you might not expect that go into helping out with the overall fuel efficiency of a car, and when all these things from the engine to the tires and the radiator electric fan work together, you get a car like the Honda Fit. In the same way that you know you ‘re going to get the best in electric automotive cooling fans from the FanMan, you know that almost everything that you get from the Honda people will be top notch.

Of course one of the other cars that generally sit at or near the top of the ones with the best fuel efficiency is the old standby the Honda Civic. This is the car that has the distinction of even being able to tie the MINI Cooper for being the best in the fuel efficiency department.

There might only be one other surprise on the list among the usually group of offerings from Asian Car manufacturers and that’s one from Mercedes Benz. For class and style the E320 BLUETEC has everything that you’d be looking for in a luxury car that’s got style as well.

Remember that to keep those cars running smoothly you need to look after all the parts and other components and to do that well you should have the experts at the Fanman on your side. They know all about your cooling fans and that includes the kind of electric automotive cooling fans that you’ve got under the hood.

A Great Selection Of Spal Fans

August 28th, 2008

The state of the electric automotive cooling fans that most of us keep under the hoods of our cars is something that we don’t always think about. And why would we? There are parts like the automotive fan belts and the radiator electric fan that go about their business quite often without us knowing that they’re working for us at all. That is until they break down and we need to find a trusted professional that’s able to fix them.

That’s where the FanMan comes in. Here’s a place that can supply all of your needs when it comes to electric automotive cooling fans and all the other accessories that you might need and they’ve got the best names for you to choose from as well. Take Spal for example. The FanMan carries a complete line of the very best in Spal Electric Fans

And the selection is something that you won’t want to miss either. The Size 11″ pull / Part# 0364 is both simple and effective. With straight blades to increase effectiveness , this is the kind of electric automotive fan that will keep you cool in the car for years to come.

An Ever Changing Inventory at The FanMan

August 26th, 2008

You know that one of the hallmarks of a great company is their inventory. Whether you’re looking for a radiator electric fan or the best in automotive fan belts, you want to be sure that what you’re looking at is the best and the latest that anything in electric automotive cooling fans have. To that end, you want to make sure that you get to the best site and for that you’ll have a difficult time beating the inventory that’s available at The FanMan.

Surfing through their latest products you will quickly come to the conclusion that here is a company that’s got all the latest and the best in electric automotive cooling fans and the parts that go with them. Take the Size 12″ dual pull / Part # 2130 for example. This one has curved blades for maximum efficiency and because the website that you’re ordering from has a long history, you can rest assured that the products that you get here will be of the highest quality. It’s important that you get the best for the cooling system that you’ll have in your car and that’s exactly what you’ll get at The FanMan.